If you write a Will, you will die.

Yes it’s true, you will die, at some point in the future. The astonishing thing is, some people think that writing a Last Will and Testament is actually tempting fate; the act of writing a Will would cause them to die! Of course we all know this is ridiculous, but shortly after we launched the LegalWills.co.uk service I was interviewed by BBC Radio and the host actually announced that she didn’t have a Will because it would make her feel uneasy about her own mortality! My reply was that yes, many people would ideally like to write their Will just before they die, but a very, very small percentage of us will ever have that opportunity.

I read a blog just yesterday where the author asked his followers if they had written their Last Will and Testament, and here’s a sample of some of the answers.

“My doc also gave me 20 years, so I’m procrastinating”

“Not me. Nobody wants my crap!!”

“Yes I have a living will…”

“I have. I did that, in the 1970s.”

In fact, just about every response to the blog is either mis-informed, or just plain irresponsible.

We talked in our first blog posting about some of the reasons people don`t put a Will in place and why they are all bad excuses http://bit.ly/9DW0mT including the “I don t have anything, so it s not worth writing a Will” excuse (the fact is, you have no idea what you will be worth when you die, even if it happens tomorrow, for example, your estate could be worth millions if you die as a result of a negligent accident). So let us talk about when it is a good idea to write your Will.

Writing a Will is not a macabre exercise; your Will is not an expression of death, it`s simply a financial planning tool. The Wills at LegalWills do not even include funeral wishes and a description of the disposition of the body for reasons that we will explain in a future post. No, it is a simple expression of who you would like to receive each of your things. In fact, it can be as simple as saying “I want everything that I own to go to my wife, if we both die at the same time, I want it to be divided between my children”. Of course, there may be other things to decide, but it is not a grisly task, and you will probably not be hit by a bus or struck by lightning as soon as you have written one.

Every adult needs a Will and you must be over the age of majority to write one (either 18 or 19 depending on where you are). So if you don`t have one already, you need one. And as we said last week, there are a number of good reasons why you may need a new Will even if you already have one in place http://bit.ly/boOXIe

It is true that many of our customers are writing a Will because they are going in for surgery, or embarking on an exotic trip. But none of us intend to die this week and the third leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer is in fact, an accident (it s the number one cause of death for people under the age of 45).

So this evening is probably a good time to write your Will and with the convenience of interactive online services available today, there is less justification to put it off for another day.

I have. I did that, in the 1970s.

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