5 good reasons to write your own Will rather than see a lawyer

I need to preface this article by clarifying what I mean by writing your own Will. I do not mean sitting down with a blank piece of paper, and I do not mean using a blank form kit that you may buy from a bookstore. Either of these approaches is an absolutely terrible idea. No, I’m talking about using interactive software like the tools offered at LegalWills.ca, USLegalWills.com and LegalWills.co.uk. These services protect you from making the mistakes inherent within a blank form kit – like writing something in your Will that is not permitted by law, or not covering all possible situations. In fact, these services are now so good, that they are not just an option “if you cannot afford a lawyer”. They actually have some significant benefits over using a legal professional to prepare your Will.

You will actually get it done
Over 60% of adults don’t have a Will in place, and many complain that it’s the effort of booking an appointment with a lawyer that presents the most significant barrier. Many of our customers use LegalWills because they have procrastinated and they are leaving on a trip, or going into surgery and explain to us that they need “something” in place, and they’ll then get a “proper Will” written some time in the future. One of two things then happens; they either don’t ever get around to preparing the “proper one”, or alternatively, they eventually make an appointment with their lawyer, pay $600 and then find that their new Will is the same as the one prepared at LegalWills. When I say “the same”, I mean identical, word-for-word, exactly the same. The lawyer uses the same software that we use, so the two documents are indistinguishable from each other.

Another significant barrier to preparing a Will is the notion that you would only write it once in your lifetime. After all, for $600 you’d expect it to be good for at least a few years. Unfortunately though, a Will lasts as long as there are no changes in the circumstance of anybody named in the Will. If your alternate Executor moves abroad, it’s probably a good idea to update your Will. Or supposing a charity comes into your life and you wish to recognize them in a bequest, you may want to update your Will. Unfortunately, with a lawyer it means booking another appointment and paying another $600 each time. With LegalWills you simply login, make the change and print out a new Will. It takes 10 minutes and costs nothing.

You may be the type of person who actually wants to learn about something as important as your Will. Unfortunately most lawyers do not have the time or inclination to step you through every clause in your Will and explain to you the implications of each sentence. Using a service like the one offered at LegalWills you are able to create your Will at your own pace and read as much or as little as you need to in order to educate yourself. Every page and every decision comes with accompanying help text so you will actually understand your Will and the decisions that were made to create your document. Most people who use our service actually feel empowered after preparing their own Will and completely understand the contents.

There may be details to be included in your Will that you may not be willing to share. You may not feel comfortable telling a lawyer that you would like to leave your old school tie to your nephew and a long list of other personal memorabilia. There may be an organization that means a lot to you that you may not wish to share even with a lawyer. Using our service you get to choose exactly what is included in your Will and you needn’t discuss it with anybody if you don’t want to. You can make an update at any time without needing to explain to anybody the trigger for that update. It is truly your own private and personal document.

With all of these advantages you’d almost think that the services at LegalWills would be at least as expensive as going to see a lawyer. But ultimately you are preparing your own documents, and you are not receiving legal advice from us. In North America you can prepare your Will at LegalWills.ca and USLegalWills.com for $34.95, at LegalWills.co.uk it costs £24.95.

Preparing your own document using our services is not an option for people who “can’t afford” legal fees. It is an educated choice for people who need to prepare a Will, who want to make updates whenever they need to, who want to learn a little more about the process, and who protect their privacy. Yes, it’s more affordable, and yes, the final document is identical, but there is so much more that comes with a service like ours.