Now available in 3 countries LegalWills allows visitors to the website to take control of their own estate planning. Rather than paying unaffordable legal fees you can write your own Last Will and Testament, Living Will and Power of Attorney from the comfort of your own home. In addition, these documents can be saved and updated at any time in the future to reflect changes in personal or financial situations.




Please contact us at support@legalwills.ca

North American offices

99 Fifth Avenue, Suite 110
Ottawa, Ontario K1S 5P5
Phone: 1-888-660-WILL (9455)

UK Offices

27 Old Gloucester Street, London. WC1N 3AX
Phone: 0800 028 8545

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Glen R Smith says:

    I’ve been browsing around the legalwills.ca and it seems that I have “Joined”, but I have not provided my email address (until now). Nor have I submitted any ‘secret questions or answers’.
    I also cannot find any address or phone number for this site. Why not?
    I’m not paying anything for this ‘free’ service.
    I look forward to a suitable reply by email to these comments.

    • Hi Glen, thanks for the comments.

      All of our addresses and phone numbers are available on the contact us page of each website listed above, but you’re right, maybe we should put them here as well. We will update this now.

      Not sure where you got the impression our services are free, they are not. We charge $34.95 for the Will service in the US and Canada and £24.95 in the UK.

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